Braille Reformatting & Transcription

First, please read our “guide to the different versions of Braille”.

This will help you make sure the needs of our target readers are fully met. This will also ensure that you obtain quotation for exactly what you require. 

For more information please contact the DW office with your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Braille can you provide?

We can produce Braille in the different versions mentioned in the Guide and also in Jumbo Braille for those who struggle to read normal sized braille.

Can you provide Print & Braille?

Our embosser has the capability to print and produce Braille on the same sheet of paper. This means that a single document may be produced that can be read by everyone (Blind, Visually Impaired and others).  Furthermore the print can be produced in larger fonts (up to 20 points) as well.

For example, large print and Braille on the same document-  one menu instead of trying to find 2 or 3 different type of menus in alternative formats.

Is there a minimum order?

We can supply from a one off item such as a Greetings, Thank You, Sympathy Card etc, to a short document, to a batch of folders full of your services or businesses details.

What size and type of paper can you provide braille on?

We can produce Braille on many size standard papers ranging from a business card to A4.  We can also supply different size larger thicker braille paper if required.   Some of the more specialist papers (e.g. water proof, plastic) can only be provided in a maximum size of A4.

We can supply thinner paper for a documents /letters, to a thicker Braille paper that can be read many times.

Then there is a waterproof paper and a plastic paper. Both the waterproof and plastic paper can be wiped cleaned for hygiene reasons. The plastic paper is a longer lasting – uses include on notice boards and for important documents that will be read many times.

We can provide a clear self-adhesive film that can be brailed upon and used as an overlay on normal print/pictures up to A4 size. Therefore, the print or picture can still be seen through the film that has been brailed, making the print more waterproof at the same time.

What is Jumbo Braille?

Jumbo Braille is different to normal Braille in that it uses larger cells.  This should be considered where the target reader may experience dexterity/feeling problems.  We can supply this format on request.