Parking Application Form


Download application form HERE



1.  A person who is registered as a disabled driver and is the holder of a valid “Blue Badge” issued by Social Services, may apply for a Disabled Drivers Car Park Pass provided that: –

(a) The applicant is either permanently resident or has permanent employment within the Borough of Watford AND

(b) The applicant is in receipt of one of the following income related benefits:-
– Housing Benefit, in the form of Rent Allowance or Local Housing Allowance for people living in rented accommodation
– Council Tax Reduction
– Income Support
– Job Seekers Allowance (Income based)
– Working Tax Credit
– Child tax credit
– Guaranteed Pension Credit (not ‘Savings Pension Credit’)
– Employment and Support Allowance (Income based)

2.  There is an annual charge of £10.00 which entitles applicants to two passes, each which is valid for a period of twelve months. Your passes will be valid as soon as you receive them (or continue to be valid if you are renewing). It should be noted that passes are not automatically renewed and therefore, an application form must be submitted each year, together with a copy of both sides of your valid blue badge, your current vehicle registration number and proof of one of the income related benefits listed above.

3.  Applications should be made to Watford Borough Council c/o The Parking Shop and the application form must be accompanied by the annual charge.

4.  No refund of the annual charge may be claimed.

5.  The passes are not transferable – they are issued subject to its use only by the disabled person to whom it is issued and to the terms and conditions of the Borough of Watford (Off – Street Parking Places) Order 1990, (Variation No. 4) Order 1995.


Improper use of the pass will lead to forfeiture.

6.  The passes are issued only to the applicant and his/her vehicle; accordingly please notify Watford Council immediately if the vehicle for which the pass is issued is replaced by another vehicle. Please note: you must be present on every occasion that the pass card is used and any misuse may lead to its immediate withdrawal.

7.  The passes will be valid on any day for the multi-storey car parks in Watford that are operated by Intu Watford (Kings/Queens/Palace/Charter) or CitiParks (Gade/Sutton/Church)., subject to a parking space being available. When parking your car, your blue disabled badge must be clearly displayed within the vehicle and you are asked to use the special wide disabled bays if they are available.  The relevant pass (white for the Intu managed car parks and orange for the CitiParks managed car parks) must be used both when entering and leaving the car park.

8.  Vehicles and their contents are left in the car parks at the owners risk and Watford Borough Council, their servants or agents shall not be responsible for any injury to any person nor for any loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents, howsoever caused.

9.  A charge of £7.00 will be made for lost cards.

10. The foregoing terms and conditions of issue may be subject to amendments by Watford Council.


All enquiries relating to the scheme should be forwarded to: Watford Borough Council, The Parking Service Manager, c/o The Parking Service, Town Hall, Watford, WD17 3EX. Telephone 01923 278 890.