Successful campaigns

DW’s successful campaigns have included:

Campaigned against the decision by WHHT (Watford General, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans City Hospitals, etc.) to commence charging blue badge holders, both disabled drivers and passengers, to park at the respective hospital car parks. Won a temporary suspension of this proposal until such time the blue badge parking bays and access to thereof be ‘fit for purpose’.  The campaign continues and DW remains in discussions with the trust.

Campaigned and won free admission for carer/assistant of people who are disabled attending events at the Watford Colosseum.  This reversed the previous decision by the venue to charge 80% of the ticket price for anyone accompanying a person with disabilities.

DW has written letters/emails on behalf of its members, local disabled community, to shopkeepers/service providers to let them know their legal obligation to allow assistance dogs into premises.  As result our members have received apologies and compensation.  Significantly, DW has achieved success communicating best practices to these and other service providers.

DW has assisted a member, with assistance also from the Disability Law Service, to serve County Court papers on a taxi driver, for the manner in which he served a Guide Dog Owner, which was considered as discrimination and/or harassment. The outcome was the driver settling out of court for £1500, issuing a formal written apology to our member, and also acquiring penalty points from the local taxi licensing office.