Print & Audio Reformatting & Transcription service

As part of our Reformatting/Transcription service, Disability Watford can transcribe any document (‘Microsoft Word’ file) into an alternative format including: Large Print, Print & Braille and Audio.

For our Braille formats please click here.

For more information please contact the DW office with your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?

We can supply from a one off item such as a Greetings, Thank You, Sympathy Card etc, to a short document, to a batch of folders full of your services or businesses details.

Large Print – How large is the large print?

When we say Large Print we mean from larger than normal (16+) up to exceptional large print/Font.

What size and type of paper can you provide?

We can print on up to A3 size paper. We can print on thin paper or card.

We can provide a clear overlay self-adhesive film up to A4 size that can cover large print and we can also braille this film, therefore making the large print more waterproof and also providing Braille at the same time, the large print can still be seen through the brailed film.

Print and Braille

What do you mean Print & Braille?

Audio Recordings – What Types of Audio Recordings can you convert my document into?

This transcription converts documents, ‘Microsoft Word’ files or even short messages into audio recordings.

We can supply a voice artist to provide a high quality human voice recording. A cheaper but less user friendly option is to use a software package to convert the printed ‘Microsoft Word’ file into an electronic synthetic voice.

This recording can be placed on a CD, Memory stick or distributed online.