DISABILITY WATFORD is Watford & District’s Disability Access Group.

We are a charity run by people with a disability, to help others with a disability, their family, friends, carers, personal assistants or for anyone who has an interest in the problems surrounding disability matters.

We are a united voice working together to influence decision makers and campaigning to remove physical, communicational, and attitudinal barriers in our community.

Disability Watford (DW) exists to:

  • Identify the needs of people with a disability in the area
  • Inform decision makers and service providers of the issues around all types of disability
  • Help those with a disability with information
  • Campaign for Equality and inclusion in our community
  • Form links between disability groups and individuals in the Watford area
  • Develop partnerships with statutory bodies, voluntary and community groups
  • Co-operate with local organizations, businesses, service providers and agencies in gaining an accessible service delivery

The board of trustees consist of individuals with variety of disabilities.  For example blind, visually impaired, sufferers of MS, Polio, Stroke, etc. and include both ambulant disabled and Wheelchair users.

DW is contacted regularly by people seeking information of the issues surrounding being disabled.

DW is able to draw from wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated in its membership.  For example our trustees and volunteers who work with us either have a disability themselves or have family members with a disability and have experienced at first-hand the problems that others might encounter. Alternately we will always know someone that does, via our network of members that consist of groups working in our field.

DW arranges four public forums a year on different subjects often held at the Town Hall Watford,  open to all members of the public who can just turn up on the day.  These forums are themed and each one deals with a different subject with invited guest speakers which have included our MP’s, Elected Mayor, county and borough council official’s, representatives from service providers such as Arriva, police, fire service and the shopping centre management.

We campaign to break down the physical, communicational and attitudinal barriers that people with a disability struggle with on a day to day basis, whilst using public services, shops and businesses.

The campaigns, forums and access expertise are only a part of what DW delivers to the local community.  DW also is the first point of contact for information on different disability matters.  More details of DW’s campaigns and services can be found on our Campaigning page and Services page respectively.

Briefly they include

A. Access audits and advice.

B. Braille We can now produce different versions of Braille on our embossers, we can also reformat the printed word into other formats.

C. Campaigning, Consultation and communicating; DW draws from its local membership of individuals with variety disabilities providing a balanced view in responding to consultations.  The same rich mix add value to campaigns which are vigorously pursued.

DW is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee and occupy an office in the Watford Community Housing Trust building.

DW is always looking for volunteers to help us with these services.  If you have some spare time and would like to help us please “contact us