Equipment for sale

Disability Watford is approached on a regular basis by people wanting to find a new home for unwanted equipment or equipment that is no longer needed.  For those reasons, we are hosting this page to list equipment for sale, both pre-used and new items.


DW is hosting this page only, and most of the time DW does not know the seller, or the condition of the equipment and therefore DW has no involvement in any part of the transaction, nor does DW charge for this service.  However, if you do want to give DW a donation, it would be very much welcomed, and you can donate here.

Sellers: you will be liable for letting DW know when the item(s) are sold otherwise the item will remain on this page.

Buyers: as stated above, unless the items are being sold directly by DW, we do not know the condition of the items and it is for the buyer to assess this aspect.

Equipment Listing

Dream Maker mattress elevator